A continuous process from start to finish, with a personal approach for everyone!

As a company, we at MeTech strive to continuously improve our selection process to attract, shortlist, select and in the end appoint the most suitable candidate for the job at hand.

MeTech’s main goal is to support clients :

  • By finding external and internal employees.
  • By organizing training sessions based on the needs of the client.

The main platform is the Z-machine (Mainframe).

The courses are given using our own hardware, for MeTech employees or employees of the client, in function of the client and the assignment.

Trained or already experienced employees are placed with the client as consultants, with the possibility of direct hiring. These activities are supported in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, …

Continuously improving means listening to the hopes and needs from both clients and candidates:

  • Which are the necessary skills a person must have for a particular job?
  • Do I want to hire an employee or a consultant?
  • What is it that I am looking for in a job as an employee?
  • Do I want to work freelance or as an employee?

and answering these with a personal approach.

We also start our recruitment process at colleges and universities, continuing this process with more experienced people, all to give our clients and employees the possibilities to optimally improve their competences.

Curious about what we can offer you (as a client or as an employee)? Don’t hesitate to contact us!